Get £5 With Curve Card

Apr 14, 2021 · 1 min read
Get £5 With Curve Card
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Curve is all your cards in one, it sits in front of all your other (Mastercard or Visa) cards, it lightens your wallet and makes it easy to manage payments.

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Why should I get Curve?

Sure you can have more than one card in Google or Apple Pay, but Curve has many advantages you may not immediately consider.

  • Apple & Google Pay - If you have a card that does not support Apple or Google Pay you can use Curve to front the card, then add Curve to Apple or Google Pay.
  • Go Back in time - If you have made a purchase on one card through Curve you can move the time machine to move that purchase to another card. For example I use at the end of the month when funds get tight i’ll make purchase via Curve onto my credit card, then after payday move them to my card where I receive cashback. (Read more about )
  • Avoid FX Fees - If your bank charges you for foreign transaction fees, Curve can help. They will convert the currency before your bank is charged. On the basic (free) card, get fee-free FX on spending up to £500 per month & and up to £200 per month for ATM withdrawals.
  • Curve Cash - On the basic card, get 1% on purchases for your first 30-days from 3 retailers you select.

Curve has many other benefits if you use their paid plans, I recommend reading about them after signing up for a Curve basic card in their app.

How to Sign-Up?

Curve is currently available to all 31 countries within the European Economic Area (EEA). Sign up using the button below and get £5 Curve cash after your first spend.

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