$25 + 2% Cashback on Purchases with

Apr 10, 2021 · 3 mins read
$25 + 2% Cashback on Purchases with
Share this is your gateway into the world of Crypto currency. They enable you to safely and easily purchase crypto in the app and earn generous rewards with their pre-paid card.

Sign-up Now! Pre-Paid Cards started as a project name Monaco, based off a whitepaper published in 2016 under the leadership of their CEO Kris Marszalek. With a vision to accelerate the adoption of crypto currency, making it easy to use for every day payments.

Their first step into the world of card payments is the issuance of pre-paid cards. This is not quite there in terms of paying direct from crypto currency. However. have recently announced a partnership with Visa and have made history with the first card payment made directly from a crypto currency. Expect exciting developments in this space in the near future!

For now, we can benefit from generous promotional rewards attached to their current pre-paid cards. have 5 tiers of cards, I will cover the most popular 3 here but you can find details of the higher tier cards on the website.

Each tier of card has it’s own staking requirement, when you stake for a card you will make a purchase of a currency known as CRO. This is then locked up for 180 days. Once the 180 days is up, you are able to un-stake and sell your CRO if you wish, however this will reduce the reward you receive on your card. The staking requirements are as follows (check for other currencies).

  • Midnight Blue - No Stake Required
  • Ruby Steal - £300 / $400 USD / €350
  • Royal Indigo / Jade Green - £3,000 / $4,000 USD / €3500

It should be noted that the value of your CRO currency may go up or down while you are staked for the card.

If you use my referral link on this page, if you stake for Ruby Steel or above you will receive $25 worth of CRO as an added bonus.

When you make a payment using your card you will be receive a percentage of your purchase back in’s own currency, known as CRO. This will apply to most types of every day transactions (there are some exclusions such as government bills). Additionally, depending on which card you have staked for, if you have a Spotify or Netflix account and use your card to pay for subscription, you will be reimbursed the equivalent cost of your subscription in CRO (Up-to $12.99 equiv. for Spotify and $13.99 for Netflix monthly). For the Royal Indigo / Jade Green tier, you also get free airport lounge access in many airports via LoungeKey.

Benefit Royal Indigo / Jade Green Ruby Steel Midnight Blue
Interest on CRO Staked for Card 10% Annualized    
Crypto Reward 3% 2% 1%
Spotify Reimbursed*  
Netflix Reimbursed*    
Airport Lounge Access*    

*Limits apply, see for full details, and for details of the higher tier cards Obsidian, Rose Gold & Icy White.

Why Sign-up

  • Easily enter the exciting world of Crypto Currency!
  • Get $25 worth of Crypto Currency when you use my referral and stake for Ruby Red or better
  • Get cashback (paid in CRO) on card purchases
  • Free Spotify when you sign up for Ruby Red or better
  • Free Netflix when you sign up for Royal Indigo / Jade Green or better


  • The card is not yet supported in Apple or Google Pay. If you are in Europe, one way around this is to sign-up for a Curve card. More info here

How it works

Sign up using the button below and get $25 Cashback when you stake for the Ruby Red or better.

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